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Part Pictures & Video

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Tooling for the Casting Industry:

Epic Machine manufactures a wide array of perishable tooling components that is used in the casting industry. We make the functional hardware that is used in the operation of automated sand core patterns, permanent molds, flask lines and robotic part handling systems. This video shows how an engine block is made and where tooling from Epic Machine would be used in the machinery.

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Tooling for Automation and Robotic Handling:

Epic Machine produces custom tooling and fixture components that are used in automation and robotic handling of production parts. This video shows how windshields are made and the various fixtures, robots and handling conveyors that would use components made from Epic Machine to grip and move the glass.

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Tooling for Robots and Part Fixtures:

Epic Machine makes end of arm components and fixture parts used in robotic processing of production parts. This video shows how automotive components are trimmed by waterjet robots which use tooling from Epic Machine on the arms and the fixtures to hold the pieces that are being worked on.

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Casting Industry is Not Just for Automotive:

Epic Machine supplies tooling for the sand core making operations. See how cast iron frying pans are made:

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Casting and Engine Building for Marine Engines:

This video shows how large Caterpillar Marine Engines are made. Epic Machine supplies tooling used in the making of these large castings.

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CNC Machining in Archery:

This You Tube Video shows how CNC Machining is used in manufacturing Archery Components. Epic has some of the same equipment as this shop.

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CNC Machining in Racing:

This Haas CNC video shows how motorsports uses CNC machines to manufacture components for their race teams. Epic Machine uses some of the same machines in it’s shop.

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