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Part Pictures & Video

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Tooling for the Casting Industry:

Epic Machine manufactures a wide array of perishable tooling components that is used in the casting industry. We make the functional hardware that is used in the operation of automated sand core patterns, permanent molds, flask lines and robotic part handling systems. This video shows how an engine block is made and where tooling from Epic Machine would be used in the machinery.

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Casting Industry is Not Just for Automotive:

Epic Machine supplies tooling for the sand core making operations. See how cast iron frying pans are made:

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Epic CNC Academy: 

Epic CNC Academy will teach you to program and run a CNC Machine and get trained for your career in CNC Machining.

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CNC Machining – What is it? : 

This video shows the background of what CNC Machining is and what Epic Machine does to produce components everyday.

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